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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE IT                   PART SECOND
He again peers out His guard of hussars stands firmly in front of the mansion; but the life-guards from the adjoining barracks, who have joined the people, endeavour to break the hussars of GODOY. A shot is fired, GODOY'S guard yields, and the gate and door are battered in.
CROWD (without)
Murder him! murder him!   Death to Manuel Godoy! They are heard rushing into the court and house.
Go, I beseech you! You can do nothing for me, and I pray you to save yourself! The heap of mats in the lumber-room will hide you!
GODOY hastes to a jib-door concealed by sham book-shelves, presses the spring of it, returns, kisses her, and then slips out
His wife sits down with her back against the jib-door, and fans herself. She hears the crowd trampling up the stairs, but she does not move, and in a moment people burst in. The leaders are armed with stakes, daggers, and various improvised weapons, and some guards in undress appear with halberds.
FIRST CITIZEN (peering into the dim light)
Where is he ? Murder him ! (Noticing the Princess.) Come, where is he ?
The Prince of Peace is gone.    I know not whither.
SECOND CITIZEN Who is this lady ?
Manuel Godoy's Princess.
CITIZENS (uncovering)
Princess, a thousand pardons grant us!—you An injured wife—an injured people we!